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Sushi making kits: it’s never been so easy

Ready, get (sushi) set… roll!

Love sushi, but intimidated by making sushi at home? We’re here to encourage you — you’ll be so glad you tried it. Get rolling with our home sushi making kits and you’ll wonder why it’s taken you so long. 

Loaded with quality ingredients along with tools and step-by-step instructions, you have everything you need right here. Our kits range from a sushi making starter kit to the ultimate sushi making kit

Straight-forward — our sushi making kits make it easy

No hassle — no need to track down hard-to-find ingredients

Accessible — the real taste of Japan in your home

Time-saving — one click and it’s in the shopping basket

Authentic — the best, handpicked for you (no need to jump on a plane!)

Restaurant quality — as used by our professional Sushi Daily chefs

Fresh — for just-made, moist and succulent sushi

Convenient — restock the essentials (with or without the rolling mat)

Fun and feel-good — invite your family and friends over to join in!

These handy kits will help you to get started and you’ll soon be whipping up some sushi every time you have a craving, with endless healthy options. You can also buy Kelly Loves sushi ingredients separately when you need additional items or to top up supplies.

Tempt your taste buds… 

Kelly Loves sushi sauces include punchy wasabi, our popular rich spicy mayo, those all-time favourite Kelly Loves soy sauces…and our fried onion topping, which will provide a professional look and a crunchy texture. Don’t forget to cleanse your palate between different styles of sushi with some Kelly Loves sushi ginger. And with a bento box to display your finished sushi pieces, you’ll have the perfect authentic sushi meal to go.

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Ultimate Sushi Kit

£29.99 £36.70

Complete Sushi Kit

£16.99 £19.40

Sushi Starter Kit

£9.99 £11.00


£2.35 £23.50

Sushi Vinegar

£2.10 £25.20

Sushi Rice

£2.20 £22.00

Nori Sheets

£3.35 £40.20

Spicy Mayo For Sushi

£3.35 £40.20

Sushi Ginger

£3.35 £80.40

Soy Sauce

Add that finishing touch to the perfect home made sushi with our range of soy sauces, with three delicious varieties to take your pick from.
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From the renowned ingredients to the refreshing drinks, and the convenient and tasty instant noodles and packet soups, Kelly ensures that absolutely everything she puts her name to is authentic and provides the highest quality in every tiny detail. In fact, she’s so sure that everything from the Kelly Loves brand is the very best that she’d be happy to feed it to her own daughter (the highest praise a mother can give!).

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